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QPH-L Series Hydrogen generator (automatic water addition)

QPH-L Series Hydrogen generator  (automatic water addition)

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    QPH-L Series Hydrogen generator

     (automatic water addition)


    • Easy to operate, safe and reliable, start the power switch can produce hydrogen.
    • The instrument is equipped with automatic water refill function. In daily use, just make sure that the inlet pipe of the instrument is placed below the level of distilled water, without maintenance: In addition, the instrument is also equipped with a water shortage and water system fault wind alarm device, when the instrument is running below the lower limit, the instrument will emit a “drip drip” alarm sound, when the water is abnormal, the control board will cut off the water supply system to stop the water, and emit a “drip drip” alarm sound.
    • All parts of the gas path are made of stainless steel pipe, (electrolytic polishing, ultrasonic cleaning), with overpressure protection device, two-stage purification; In addition, the instrument can be used at the same time and support the expansion of the output outlet, the instrument itself is designed for two output outlets, which can be extended to 6-8 output outlets through three and four.
    • The unique anti-liquid return device ensures that the instrument does not return liquid phenomenon.
    • Barrel type electrolytic cell, electrolytic material selection of imported special precious metals, effectively improve the electrolytic efficiency, constant cell body temperature, and promote the service life of the electrolytic cell greatly improved.
    • Stable output flow, automatic tracking, purity does not decay, can be used continuously.
    • The instrument is equipped with a water outlet to facilitate the replacement of electrolyte.



    Technical Specifications                                                                                        

    Instrument model QPH-1L QPH-2L QPH-3L QPH-4L QPH-5L
    Hydrogen purity 99.999%
    Output flow 0-1L/min 0-2L/min 0-3L/min 0-4L/min 0-5L/min
    Output pressure 0-0.5Mpa (factory setting 0.4Mpa)
    Working power supply 220V±10%; 50HZ±5%
    Maximum power 530W 1.1kW 1.7KW 2.2KW 2.7KW
    environmental conditions Environmental humidity: 0-35℃, relative humidity: ≤85%
    Dimensions 515*305*410mm 425*305*680mm 570*340*920mm
    weight About 20KG About 29KG 29KG 39KG

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