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P950 Process Purity Oxygen Analyzer

P950 Process Purity Oxygen Analyzer

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MeasMeasure Range:    10.00~96.00% O2·

Condition: New
Place of Origin: Beijing China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Cape-Golden
Certification: ISO9001/13485 CE
Warranty: 12months

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    P950 Process Purity Oxygen Analyzer

    P950 purity oxygen analyzer is with ion current principle, which is capable of oxygen purity measurement range 10-96%.
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      1. 240×128 LCD display oxygen concentration and other settings;
      2. Isolated 4-20mA signal output, with 0-1V and 0-10V as options;
      3. Easy to replace sensor;
      4. Standard RS232 two-way communication port;
      5. Two way SPST alarms;
      6. Automatic data storage in a certain interval time, and browsing data at any time

    Range: 10.00~96.00% O2·

    Accuracy: ±2% FS

    Repeatability: ±1% FS

    Stability: ±1% FS/7d

    Response Time: T9060S

    Power Supply: 220V AC, 50/60Hz·

    Consumption: Less than 10VA·

    Contact Point Capacity24V DC, 0.2A

    Analog output: 4-20mA (Allow less than 500Ω load)

    Install conditions: Plate mounting, non explosion area·

    Ambient Temperature: 0℃ to 45℃, non-condensing·

    Ambient Humidity: Less than 80%

    ·Storage Temperature: -5℃ to 50℃

    ·Gas flow:400 ~ 600ml/min, gas pressure: 86 ~ 106kPa

    Equipment Index:

    ·Display window: 4 digital pipes

    ·Sensor: Ion flow oxygen sensor

    ·Sensor Life: More than 2 years (normal use)

    ·Analyzer Life: More than 5 years (normal use)

    Air separation, PSA oxygen generator, Medical oxygen, Petro-chemical, and other oxygen purity detection in inert gas mixtures.

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