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What is the usage of high pressure oxygen compressor

An oxygen compressor is a compressor that is used to pressurize oxygen and deliver or store it.

One of the industries is used for rough oxygen cutting, which pumps 93% pure oxygen into an oxygen cylinder and cuts scrap metal with acetylene gas.

There are two uses for medical oxygen compressors. One is that the hospital’s PSA oxygen generator needs to be pressurized to supply various wards and operating rooms, providing 7-10 kg of line pressure, and the other is that PSA oxygen needs to be stored. The high-pressure container is convenient for mobile use, and the storage pressure is generally 100barg, 150barg, 200barg, or higher 300barg pressure.


This compressor is suitable for inlet pressure 3-4barg (40-60psig) and discharge pressure 150barg (2150psig)

The small PSA air separation system with a flow rate of 4-12NM3/hour provides clean oxygen filling service to the community and small island hospitals. It can be operated continuously for 24 hours. It is recommended to have a maximum of 10 bottles at a time.

containerized o2


Post time: Mar-05-2021
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