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PSA Oxygen Generator Safety Matters

Some safety matters that should be paid attention on daily maintenance of PSA Oxygen Generator, as following:


1. Precautions for Safety Maintenance

1.1 Illegal parking and illegal operation are strictly prohibited.

1.2 No pressure loosening or fastening bolts.

1.3 When the equipment is in operation, do not step on the equipment pipelines.

1.4 Items unrelated to the operation of the equipment shall not be stored on the site, keep the site smooth.


2. Matters needing attention for Maintenance Safety

2.1 Power off PSA Oxygen Generator, and hang stop sign before maintenance.

2.2 Ensure ventilation and sufficient oxygen content in the workshop during maintenance, and absolutely avoid nitrogen directly into people’s mouth and nose.

2.3 In case of fire, the license must be applied and approved in accordance with regulations.

2.4 When using cranes and other lifting appliances, there must be a special person under command, and the ropes must be firmly fastened.

2.5 Maintenance tools, disassembly, and clean replacement parts shall be neatly placed in prescribed places.


PSA Oxygen Generator maintenance needs to be paid attention on a lot of aspects, through the above introduction, we believe you have a certain understanding, hoping it could help you.

Post time: Jul-07-2020
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