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oil free compressor for oxygen concentrator

Oxygen is one of the gases where oil-free compression is mandatory. It is also mandatory to clean the compressor “oil and grease-free” before handing it over to operation. This is related to the easy ignition of oxygen. Oxygen is a strong oxidizer. Foreign substances, oils, and fats can ignite in this environment, with the result that the compressor starts to burn. It, therefore, needs special knowledge to produce oxygen compressors.

oxygen compressors are often used as a re-compressor for on-site gas generators.Oxygen is generated by a PSA, VPSA or membrane plant. Depending on the process, the pressure downstream of the generating plant is at atmospheric pressure (VPSA) or around 58 psi (PSA). Depending on the application of oxygen then the pressure must be increased afterward. This is done by a re-compressor.

Oxygen applications in conjunction with an on-site gas generation facility are independent oxygenation in a hospital or mobile health care center, or oxygenation in remote areas, such as extraction of raw materials such as gold or metalworking.

Thanks to their oil-free, dry-running and gas-tight design, HAUG compressors are ideally suited for use in the compression of oxygen. gas contamination due to oil-free and dry-running compression
2.Safe operation through the use of special, oxygen-compatible materials
3.technically tight gas compressors during operation and at standstill

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