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Laboratory nitrogen generator Cruise Series(Cruise II)

Laboratory nitrogen generator  Cruise Series(Cruise II)

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    Cruise Series:

    In order to meet the demand of multi-channel nitrogen and air, we launched the cruiser series. The cruiser series is divided into three sub-series, respectively, cruise I, mainly aimed at AB liquid products more than 8050 series of liquid products, there is 1 channel nitrogen 1 channel air; cruiser III, mainly a number of liquid products, and their own compressed air station customers, good scalability, nitrogen flow range, can provide from 60 L/min -240L/min..

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    Cruise II

    Cruise II technical parameters
    Type of instrument


    Cruise A132 Cruise A125
    Nitrogen 32L/min 80psi 25L/min 60-80psi
    Air 50L/min 80psi 40L/min 110psi
    Nitrogen purity 97%~99.5% 99.5%~99.95%
    Dew dew point -50℃ -50℃
    Noise  52 db  52 db
    Electrical requirements 230V50/60Hz 230V50/60Hz
    Power consumption 1.45 kw 1.45 kw
    phthalate None None
    Cleanliness <0.01 u <0.01 u
    Residual liquid None None
    Maximum altitude 2000 m 2000 m
    Working environment 5-35℃/41-95℉ 5-35℃/41-95℉
    Boot time 30 min 30 min
    Nitrogen interface dimensions 6 6
    Shape dimensions 60*120*140 60*120*140
    Weight 180 kg 180 kg


    Product characteristics: good authenticity: the first domestic use of nitrogen purity on-line detector, real-time monitoring nitrogen purity;

    Good reliability: double-channel design, non-interference, independent and stable;

    Good operation: nitrogen, air flow control alone, pressure control alone, easy to operate;

    Good traceability: running time cumulative record, can trace the overall running time.

    Applicable liquid type:

    Bruker EVOQ triple four-stage bar mass spectrometry;

    Agilent (Agilent) MP-AES

    Shimadzu (SHIMADZU) LCMS-8050,8060


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