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GNL-2100L Portable Oxygen Analyzer

GNL-2100L Portable  Oxygen Analyzer

Short Description:

Model:                           GNL-2100L

Measure Range:           10-99.99% O2

Principle:                          3D Ion Current

Measure Mode:                 Portable

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GNL-2100L Portable  Oxygen  Analyzer

GNL-2100L purity oxygen analyzer is with ion current principle, which is capable of oxygen purity measurement range 10-99.99%.

GNL – 2100L use 3D ion current sensor for measuring unit, through the sensor signal amplifying, filtering, linearization correction after electric processing, through the microprocessor calculated nitrogen oxygen mixed gas concentration of o2, and provides the oxygen concentration. Analyzer with high precision, good stability, long life and other characteristics, suitable for a variety of environments, nitrogen and oxygen mixed gas of oxygen concentration measurement.
GNL 2100 portable oxygen analyzer
GNL 2100 (3)

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    1. with microprocessor as the core, 3D ion current sensor for measuring unit, with intelligent, good stability, high precision, calibration cycle is long, etc;
    2. Display intuitive, rich: 128 x 64 LCD screen window shows oxygen concentration, menus, data and equipment working status, display intuitive, rich in content;
    3. Technology, using the latest touch buttons, easy to operate, buttons with long life;
    4. Long standby time: built-in high capacity lithium battery, normal use, standby time is not less than 8 hours;
    5. Change analyzer menu lock switch: to prevent wrong operation parameter affect the normal operation;
    6. Alarm function: such as oxygen concentration deviates from the value of the set alarm, the analyzer will send out alarm, alarm value can be set up in full scale range.

    Model:                           GNL-2100L

    Measure Range:                   10-99.99% O2

    Principle:                          3D Ion Current

    Measure Mode:                    Portable

    Install:                            Dial mounted

    Application:                       Non dangerous general applications

    Measure Accuracy:                 ≤±1% F.S.

    Stability:                          ≤±0.5% F.S.

    Response Time:                    T90<15s under 25℃

    Sample Gas Temperature:           0-45℃

    Sample Gas Flow:                  400~600ml/min

    Sample Gas Pressure:              35-210KPa

    Power Supply:                      AC85~264V, consumption lower than 10VA

    Signal Output:                      4-20mA/0-20mA/0-1V/0-5V/0-10V/1-5V

    Alarm Contact Point:               24DVC,0.2A

    Display Resolution:                 0.01%

    Communication:                   RS485

    Weight:                    4.2KG

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