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favorite best-selling ozone generator with CE ISO for water treatment

favorite best-selling ozone generator with CE ISO for water treatment

Short Description:

Ozone is broadly used in the bottled water market due to its safety, simplicity and effectiveness. The ozonation process for bottled water involves a low concentration of ozone dissolved into the water, just before bottling, to disinfect the water, bottle, and cap. The process and system design are relatively straightforward. An integrated ozone injection system consists of an ozone generator, venturi injector, and recirculation pump. The in-process water enters a storage tank with a side loop, where ozone is injected into the water. The excess ozone off-gases from the water and exits through an ozone destruct at the top of the tank. The water then continues to the next step in the process, which differs depending on where the system is placed in the process. Ozone sensors can be used to monitor the ozone concentration at the injection point, the outlet of the storage tank, after the destruct unit, and at the point of use.
Technical Parameters
Ozone production
Air source type
Compressed air
Ozone concentration
Power consumption
Cooling water flow

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