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CI-PC21 Infrared Gas Analyzer for CO , CO2,NOx,SO2,CH4,H2S

CI-PC21 Infrared Gas Analyzer for CO , CO2,NOx,SO2,CH4,H2S

Short Description:

  • Model: CI-PC21
  • Measuring principle: NDIR non-optical infrared analyzer
  • Measuring component: any one or two components can be measured NOxSO2COCO2CH4H2S,. O2 Can be added to each component

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CI-PC21 Infrared Gas Analyzer

The selective absorption of infrared by gas molecules is the basis of the design of infrared gas analyzer.S02NOxC02COCH4 and other polar molecules have permanent electric torch, so it has vibration, rotation and other structures. According to quantum mechanics, the energy level of splitting can be coupled with the incident characteristic long infrared radiation to produce absorption, and different polar molecules are absorbed by different spectral bands.
CI-PC21 Infrared Gas Analyzer

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    1. Specially designed gas chamber absorber, narrow-band filter has strong anti-interference ability and high detection accuracy;
    2. High stability infrared light source, receiver constant temperature control, instrument stability;
    3. Measurement of gas chamber mirror gold plating, corrosion resistance;
    4. Isolated analog output, free to set 4-20 mA/0-20mA/0-1V/0-5V/0-10V/1-5V analog output mode;
    5. Alarm function: when the gas concentration deviates from the alarm value, the alarm value can be set arbitrarily within the full range;
    6. Use RS485( standard)/ RS232( selection).

    Accuracy: ± 2%FS

    Repeatability: ±1%FS

    Zero drift:     ±1%FS/7d


    Range Drift:  ±1%FS/7d

    Linear error limit:  ±1%FS

    Response time: T90<=60 s (sample flow  0.5 L/min)

    Analog signal :4~20 mA/020mA/0~1 V/0-5V/0-10V/1-5V, can set analog output mode freely

    Maximum load: provided according to user requirements, not affected by load within 500Ω maximum load

    Ambient temperature :-10~45°C, ambient humidity: less than 80% RH

    Supply voltage :85-264 VAC 50/60HZ

    Size :19-inch profile chassis  Lx Wx H=483 mm x300mmx 177mm

    Gas flow measured: 500~1000 ml/min,500 ml/min best

    Dust: particles not exceeding I um, not exceeding 200 μg/Nm3

    Pressure :10%± atmospheric pressure (air outlet should be atmospheric pressure)

    Moisture: no more than 5 P saturated (no condensation)

    Range basedRequired design Minimum Range Maximum range
    NOx 0 to 1000 ppm 0-20%
    SO2 ppm 0-500 0-100%
    CO 0 to 20 ppm 0 100%
    CO2 0 to 10 ppm 0 100%
    ch4 0 to 200 ppm 0-100%
    h2s 0 to WOOppm 0-30%

    Widely used in petroleum, chemical, smelting, building materials, light industry and other furnace, kiln or flue gas analysis, environmental monitoring, bioengineering, medical and health research and other reliable testing tools.

    1. Connection:Aφ6 hose connection (standard)

      B1/4″-φ6 stainless steel jacket

      C1/8″-φ3 stainless steel jacket

      2. filters: GF2800AF2000;

      3. the measured gas components and measuring range;

      4. gas pressure under test: positive, micro or negative pressure;

      5. the main components, impurities, sulfides of the gas under test.

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