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China Wholesale High pressure oxygen booster pump CA-GOW-5/4-150

China Wholesale High pressure oxygen booster pump CA-GOW-5/4-150

Short Description:

High pressure oxygen booster pump

Model :CA-GOW-5/4-150

Flow rate : 5 Nm3/h

Inlet pressure :2~4bar

Discharge Pressure :150bar

Dealivery time :25days

Product Detail

Technical Specification

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China Wholesale High pressure oxygen booster pump CA-GOW-5/4-150

Our company oxygen booster  compressor strictly according to the industry standards for the design, production, product technical performance, safety and reliability, we developed an enterprise internal specification far higher than the national standard.

1. Material selectionDesign guiding ideology of oxygen compressor is “Safety first, Performance stability” .Design of self-made parts of cylinder, packing support ring involved, including safety valve external purchase, ensure the service life of the machine and the safety of use
2. Design concept  Design of low speed and heavy load, effectively guarantee the life of the wearing parts, low noise, light vibration
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oxygen compressor

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  • Technical Specification

    Medium Oxygen QTY
    Inlet Pressure  G


    Inlet Temperature

    ≤ 40℃

    Outlet Pressure

     150 bar

    Outlet Temperature (after cooling)

    ≤ 50℃

    Flow rate


    Piston Stroke

    90 mm



    Number of compression stage


    Instructure        Vertical Number of cylinder


    Cooling Way



    400 V

    Total power rate

    4KW   ※


    1000*800*1000mm (estimated)


         350kg (estimated)

    Drive way


    Material of main parts(touch with gas) Cylinder Stainless carbon
    Valve Stainless carbon
    Pipe、Chiller Stainless carbon
    Delivery Within 25 days from the date of receiving the down payment
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